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Electra, One Bed space, Near Al Wahda, rooms,& Hall in a Villa/Flat for Bachelors ,Call # 050-8256485/055-9914406.Rooms& Furnished Master bedroom in a Flat for Family/Couples,Call […]


Electra, One bed space with Keralite bachelors,Near Al Wahda, rooms Hall in a Villa / Flat for Bachelors,Call # 055-9914406/056-2770639, TCA/ mina Road,Hamdan & Near […]

One semi furnished Master bedroom & Room in a C/A C flat for couples/ Family,..Call # 050-8256485/055-9914406.

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Liwa St, Near DU office, furnished Master bedroom available for Indian couple. #02-6221149/056-2770639/055-9914406.


Airport road, Near Al Wahda, 2 rooms with bath in a C/A C flat for couples/ Family,..Call 02–6221149 / 050-8256485/055-9914406.

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TCA, Near Sedar building, Furnished master bedroom, Near Al Wahda,rooms, master bedroom & Hall for Family/ Bachelors,,Call 02–6221149 / 055-9914406/056-2770639..

Electra, One bed space ,Near Al Wahda, rooms, Hall & Master bedroom in a Villa /Flat for Bachelors,Rooms & Furnished Master bedroom in a Flat […]


Electra, Near Airport road & Hamdan, rooms, Furnished rooms/ Master bedroom, Hall & Studio room available for Indian family/ Bachelors,Call 02–6221149 / 055-9914406/056-2770639

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Rooms, Furnished room, Master bedroom, Hall & Studio room available Call # 02–6221149 / 056-2770639/055-9914406.


Airport road, Near Mashreq Bank,Rooms, Hall ,Furnished Master bedroom in a Flat for family/ in a Villa for Bachelors,,Call 02–6221149 / 055-9914406/056-2770639..


Liwa St, One Furnished Master bedroom,Airport road, Opp Old Fatima Super Market, rooms M/B room, Hall for family/ Bachelors,,Call 02–6221149 / 055-9914406/056-2770639

Call 02–6221149 / 050-8256485/055-9914406, Airport road , Nr Universal Hospital.for sharing rooms, furnished Master bedroom & flats for families & bachelors in different locations of […]

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