Partners Handbook

Following Q & A will help you to initiate the sales journey.

How much can I earn?

You can earn 3000 AED – 12,000 AED a month. Earn 10% commission on all booster pack sales.

Who will buy our product?

Anyone can Buy or Sell anything on

Real Estate companies & agents, Car rental services, Business services, IT services, Recruiting companies, Small and large businesses, New companies, Used car sellers, Travel agencies, Special offers & deal providers, A neighbor who rent apartments or villas are few examples.

What am I going to promote?

You are going to promote booster packs listed on the following page.

Advice people to select an Ad package while posting Ad. They can select Boost10x, Boost 50x or Boost100x as Ad package.

What is Booster pack?

Booster pack make the classified Ads shown to targeted people who are related only to the ads or business through all online marketing modes like facebook, twitter, google. Its done by our dedicated marketing experts.

For example, if a person selling a villa,  posted an Ad.
His Ads will be shown as Sponsored Ads to people who are interested in buying properties through major social media channels like facebook, twitter.

How come this differs from normal Facebook posts I see on my mobile?

Since we are partnered with Google, Facebook & Twitter. We can target a specific audience based on their interests. This will boost our customer sales or promotion who post ads on our website.

How to submit my sales info?

You can download this Sales Sheet Template. Fill the customer details and send back to us on or before the end of the month eg: 30 or 31st.

When will I get my payment?

Your payment will be released in the first week of every month to your bank account.
Minimum payment threshold is 100 AED.
Sales Order status will be confirmed as paid after 15 days from the transaction date.

What next?

You can Post New Ad to see how the site works. Then you can promote and start earning money.
Wishing you a great success.
If you have any queries, feel free to email